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Ladybug (Ladybird) Three Dimensional Craft

I always smile happily whenever I receive notes from places other than Canada...  It tickles me to read the little differences in terminology.  I'm embarrassed to admit that when Marie first wrote to me, I scoured the "birds" section trying to figure out what she meant... she later sent along a picture and it all clicked *grin*.

Marie wrote:  You know the ladybird invitation card you have well we made a "shaped" ladybird ie use the basic ladybird stencil and cut in a little at the four corners of the ladybird and staple.  So you have a raised ladybird instead of a flat one if you know what I mean.  It works well for tortoise in brown/green hexagonal shapes. Just stick on four feet and head.  It is just one piece of card too.  If you can't understand what the idea is I will try to send a picture.  Fantastic site, ideas are simple just what we need.

Thanks so much for your contribution, Marie!




Note:  Rather than tracing a plate you can use the printable templates below.


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