ladybug bean bag

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Ladybug Bean Bag

The project requires either sewing or hot glue skills.  A child of age 7 or so could do the project with adult supervision.  Younger children can help stuff the project and would love to receive it as a gift from an older sibling, parent or grandparent.

You could put in stuffing instead of rice to make this more of a "pillow ladybug" than a beanbag.

There is a choice between a small bean bag (regular sized beanbag) and an extra large beanbag (basically the size of a full sheet of paper).

This is a terrific first sewing project for children.  If using it as such, I recommend having the children sew the body pieces together using a running stitch or a blanket stitch and then glue the remaining pieces together.  I would fill with pillow stuffing instead of rice ... stuffing won't leak out as easily if the child didn't keep their stitches tight enough.

Susan adds:  for the lady bug bean bag craft, I wanted to use it for younger children while still retaining the use of the different texture.  I did two versions.  For one I used the templates in felt but only one side with the small version and I made it smaller on the photocopier.  Then we cut out the pieces in felt and glued them on to popsicle sticks and made finger puppets.  For the second version I used foam pieces and we did the same thing and glued them onto popsicle sticks.




Small Beanbag Template

Large Beanbag    Template 1    Template 2


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