ladybug birthday invitation

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Ladybug Birthday Invitation

I usually use the standard printed invitations from our site for my girls' birthday parties, but for Kaitlyn's 6th birthday she wanted to do something a bit more crafty for her invitation.  This is what we came up with.

In my opinion, this is appropriate for age groups that can help (or do most of the work) making their invitations or for moms who really like crafting...  If you're not such a fan of crafts, just use the regular printable cards and save your energy for all the millions of other things you'll have to do -- don't burn yourself out before the party even starts!  (there's a ladybug in the summer theme and one of these days I'm going to add an insect theme).





Note:  you can just make the invitations from paper instead of cardstock and use the color template to save yourself some time... but the cardstock wings hold up a bit better especially since the kids tend to "flap" them.


Invitation     color   or    B&W


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