fingerprint bumblebees

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Fingerprint Bumblebees

The picture to the right is a photograph of the finished craft.  The diagram instructions are drawn.  (drawings load faster than photos over the internet)

Press firmly for the body and wings and gently for the head and stinger.  Firm presses make oval shapes, gentle presses make circle shapes.

Stamp your thumb in yellow paint.

Make one stamp on the paper at whatever angle you want your bee to be flying (we made ours pointing slightly upwards.

Dip your pinkie finger into black paint.

Gently dot on a head and make an even smaller dot for the stinger.

Make two side by side dots (about stinger size) in the middle for the black stripe.

Stamp your index finger into the black paint.  Stamp many times onto a piece of scrap paper or paper towel until almost all the paint is gone.  Then stamp a wing above the body at a slight angle and a second wing above the body at an opposite angle.

fingerprint bumblebees


Make Fingerprint bees on cards on cards or painted terra cotta pots.


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