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Moon Nebula Templates (Tutorial)

Moon landing on digital nebula art piece example

Here are some easy templates to go along with the more difficult "Moon Landing on Digital Nebula" art piece.

Your child is more than welcome to experiment with any of the templates below.

Our best advice is this: choose one of the moon options and then one of the nebula base sheet options. Either trace and color or just color the moon template. Then, cut your finished moon out and glue or tape your moon onto the nebula base. If you selected the nebula base sheet where you trace the lines out, use either a sharpie or a thicker pen/crayon/pencil to carefully trace your nebula.

We have also included a great coloring page option for younger children who like the look of the moon nebula but find the tracing more difficult. Feel free to frame and/or hang your work up to show off!




For older children/adults

Moon to cut-out and glue     for coloring  or   for tracing/coloring

Nebula base sheet   for tracing  or   complete (simple) or   complete (difficult)


For younger children

Moon Nebula colouring page    here  



Printable version of this tutorial