DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Free Clipart and Backgrounds

All of this clipart has been made by myself (or our viewers) and is free for your use in websites, emails, desktops, etc.  The only things I ask are that you save it to your own server or hard drive and that you don't sell it.


Suggestions:  These images can be printed and used for a variety of projects:  

The best way I've found to print without wasting ink on ads and images I'm not interested in, is to open them in their own window.  I've made the images on this page "clickable".  So in this case, just click the image to open them in their own window (click BACK on your browser menu to return to this page.  As a note, images that aren't clickable can still be printed.  For how this is done:  (NETSCAPE)  (EXPLORER).

If you have a browser other than netscape or explorer, read through the two of them and play with the right click menu options.  One of them is bound to work.

You can also use them as a desktop (wallpaper).  Once again, right click on the desired image, but this time choose SET AS WALLPAPER...  From the menu (the same process in netscape and explorer)

WEBMASTERS:  You can also use the images on your own webpages.  The faded images make nice backgrounds.  Just make sure to save it to your server.  Bandwidth costs me money (it doesn't cost most smaller sites), so please be fair and save it on your own site.  If I begin to have a lot of trouble with people stealing my bandwidth, I'll remove this section.