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Australian Animals Coloring Pages

Even if you have a color printer, I prefer the black and white version which the kids can color in themselves...



Australian Birds

australian coloring page  australian coloring page  (kookabura)

New Zealand Birds

(I apologize for lumping Australia and New Zealand together, but I thought some people might be doing a thematic unit that includes both of them)

australian coloring page  australian coloring page  (kiwi)

Australian Marsupials

Mammals who carry their young in pouches

kangaroo coloring page  kangaroo coloring page  More Kangaroo Coloring Pages >


australian animal coloring page  australian animal coloring page   More Koala Coloring Pages >

Australian Monotremes 

click here to find out what a monotreme is

australian coloring page  australian coloring page  (echidna)

australian coloring page  australian coloring page  platypus   (platypus)

Australian Placental Mammals

These are the kind of mammals we're used to thinking of (like dogs and cats).   They are born at a very developed stage.

bats   Bat Coloring Pages and Connect the Dots

Australian Reptiles


Australian Snakes10 snake coloring pages   Australia has a LOT of snakes, many of which are venemous.  The snake coloring pages are not specific Australian snakes (most of the coloring pages are generic, cartoonish snakes).  If you're doing a thematic unit on Australian animals with young (preschool aged) children, these pages will work fine!

Australian Fish - Sharks

Australian waters are home to a variety of sharks including the Great White!

5 Shark coloring pages (choice of color or B&W)