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Egg Carton Crab Craft

egg carton crab craft

In my mind, this was a lobster egg carton craft. Lol. But, it really does look more like a crab. As far as crustaceans go, egg cartons lend themselves better to crabs because lobsters have long tails!

So why were lobsters on my mind, you ask? A week ago I ordered lobsters to be delivered by FedEx direct from a small fisherman in Atlantic Canada. I decided I wanted to do something special and adventurous in the kitchen and somehow, cooking a lobster for the first time ever became THE thing.

It was fun, stressful, horrifying and delicious. If you like a kitchen adventure and have never done it, I recommend it. If you've never cooked before, definitely don't start with lobster... stick with canned crab!




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