Easy Tiger (paper plate) craft

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Easy Tiger Craft

You can use the same template/instructions to make a kitty cat craft... just paint it a different color (like grey, white or black)

I've had a lot of requests for more paper plate crafts.  This Tiger is made with a paper plate.  I've provided templates for dinner sized and snack sized plates.  If you don't have paper plates, don't fret!  Just take a regular plate and trace it onto a piece of cardboard (old cereal boxes work great!) or use a margarine/ice cream container lid.

You can easily make a mask, by leaving off the eyes and cutting holes.  Attach (glue and tape) a popsicle stick or unsharpened pencil to the bottom for the child to hold it to their face.Older children may prefer the toilet paper roll version (Age 3+) as it is more challenging (although some days it's nice to have an easy craft on hand when supper's running a bit late!)

Picture instructions - how we did our tiger:

paint plate orange

Paint Plate orange and let dry


draw stripes on plate

Draw stripes on with marker or paint


color stripes in

Color stripes in


finished paper plate tiger craft

Glue on face (paper ears, eyes and nose.
We used bits of wool for mouth)



it all depends on what option you use...  You'll will need







Template    (color)   or   (B&W)
(Small Plate)

Template    (color)   or   (B&W)
(Large Plate)


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