Frog craft

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Frog Animal Toilet Paper Roll Craft

contributed by Leanne Guenther

Tasha's daycare had a "frog theme week".  During that week, they learned all about the life of a frog (from egg to tadpole to adult) and the habits of a frog.  I thought the most interesting part would be the way the frog turns from a fish looking tadpole into a jumpy, bumpy frog, but for Tasha the coolest thing was the fact that frogs can live in and out of the water.  She also thought the colourful poison tree frogs were pretty cool.

CLICK to see a larger photo of the finished craft (made by Tasha at age 4, printed on green construction paper).  Close the photo window once you have finished viewing to get back to this page.

For younger kids who have a tough time with this toilet paper roll version, try the Easy Frog Craft.

A different looking frog toilet paper roll craft can be found here.




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