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Jungle Scenery Cut and Paste Activity

Here's another great project contributed by Sharra!

jungle sceneLeanne, here's a jungle activity I prepared for my daughter when we worked on the letter J.  I created the background scenes in a digital coloring book where you pick the trees and scenery and put them together. They are created black and white first and then I colored them in the program. Jungle1.gif is a set of pictures I put together from various public clip art (anything I could find that would fit in the jungle scenes as well as the letters for the word Jungle.) the animals were a little hard to cut out and I had to do it for Stephanie. (She did the pasting though and loved it.) You may have something better. My daughter really enjoyed using the colored backgrounds and pasting the animals on them especially the hippo in the water and the toucan's on limbs. Another activity we used the backgrounds for was sponge painting. We have a set of animal shaped sponges.  I think the black and white would be great coloring for older children but maybe tedious for younger ones.

jungle sceneSuzanne has some additional suggestions to expand on this project:
" I enjoyed the jungle activity submitted by Sharra and I printed it right away.  I make similar activities by painting scenes with acrylic paint on large cardboard, let dry, then cover with clear contact paper.  Then I print animals or other items appropriate to the theme, cut them out, plastify or laminate them, then place them in an envelope. My granddaughter enjoys picking one at a time, naming it, then pasting it on the scene using blue or white stick-on paste (I'm sorry but I don't know the word in English).  Once all the items are in the proper place, I play a little game of moving an item and placing it in a funny spot without her looking.  She then has to find the misplaced item.  Hours of fun. Great activity to develop her vocabulary and observation."



Template - Animals   (color)   (B&W)

Template - Scene 1   (color)   (B&W)

Template - Scene 2   (color)   (B&W)


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