DLTK's Animal Crafts for Kids
Whale Origami Paper Craft

whale craftKaitlyn made this whale paper craft in her ocean themed summer camp this year.  I thought it turned out so well that I wanted to share it with our viewers.



  • Starting with a legal sized piece of paper, cut the bottom few inches off to make the paper square.
  • The first fold is  from one corner to another
  • Use the scissors to cut a one inch slit from one corner along the fold.  This is ultimately be used for the whale's tail.
whale craft
  • The second step is to fold the other two corners over to the center of the paper.  The edge of the paper should line up with the first fold.
whale craft
  • The third step is folding the top corner down to meet the edge of the paper from the second fold.  Sort of like a dog ear.
  • The fourth fold is repeating the first fold and folding the entire project in half again.
whale craft
  • On the pointed end (where you made the slit in step one) fold the two halves to the outside to create the tail for step 5.
  • The sixth and final fold is sort of on an angle and works to raise the tail up above the back of your whale.
whale craft
  • Take some time to decorate your whale.  You can use googly eyes or draw the eyes on your whale, color it, make polka dots with a dauber or whatever you see fit!
    Have fun!!
whale craft


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