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Mom to the rescue!

pig ears

Kaitlyn and her friends did a skit for their kindergarten "buddies" (the grade 4 students were paired up with a kindergarten classroom for reading, mentoring, some projects, etc)

Unfortunately, she forgot to tell me it was happening until the night before (at bedtime of course) and she needed 'pig ears' for the skit.

I quickly whipped these up.  I cut two triangles of pink felt, wrapped them around a headband and hand stitched it quickly (you could hot glue instead).

Luckily, I happen to be the type of person who has felt, fun foam and construction paper in every color of the rainbow in the house.

You can make simple little headbands like this with kitty ears, cow ears/horns, tiger ears, etc.  For skits, Sunday School plays, and halloween.  They're inexpensive and simple to make.

If she hadn't left it until the last minute, I would have had Kaitlyn cut and stitch them herself...  Hmmm, perhaps there's a devious reason for her procrastination?


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