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Our Tree-Toad

by Evaleen Stein

Grandfather says the tree-toad,
   That to our yard has come,
Is just a little wee toad
   No bigger than his thumb!

And that his coat's so queer it
   Can turn from green to blue!
Whatever color's near it,
   Why, that's its color, too!

And then Grandfather snickers
   And says, "Would you suppose
He climbs with little stickers
   On all his little toes?

"And don't you wish your toes now
   Were fixed like his? For, see,
Right up the elm he goes now
   And sticks tight to the tree!"

"But then," he says, "O dear me!
   If all the little boys
Could screech as loud, I fear me
   There'd be a dreadful noise!"


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