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GARURUMON (Episode 3) 

The kids and their Digimon counterparts run into an angry Monochromon, who is fighting with a look-alike trying to take over his territory. 

The kids get away and discover a deserted bus by a lake, where they camp for the night.   There's some bickering between Tai and Matt but Joe stops them by saying they should save their energy for guard duty.

During guard duty, we find out some more about the characters.  Matt cares a lot about his little brother T.K. but doesn't like to admit it.  We also discover that Matt and T.K. are only half-brothers.  Matt goes off on his own to play his harmonica (which he plays very well) and Tai tends to the fire.

A piece of wood flies off the fire into a big red thing by the water.  Bubbles form and we discover that the bus is parked on top of a giant sea serpent looking Digimon called Seadramon. 

The kids fall into the water and the Digimon try to fend off the monster.  Gabumon digivolves to Garurumon and defeats Seadramon.  

Everyone is happy that they are all okay, but they've ended up on an island and wonder how they'll get off.  Gomamon jumps into the water and calls his fish friends who push the island back to land. 

Once they are all on land again they figure out that whenever the kids are in trouble their digimon digivolve to save them. 


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