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Renamon is My Friend!
(Episode 10)

Rika is upset that Guilmon was able to evolve without Takato being strict with him.  Rika believed if she treated Renamon with a cold-heart that Renamon would be strong and evolve... but Takato was friends with Guilmon and Guilmon still evolved.  Rika begins to question her relationship with her digimon.

Rika's mom tries to dress her up cute, but Rika wants nothing to do with it.  As she's walking away, a strange shimmer follows.  She becomes scared and calls for Renamon.  Renamon doesn't see anything but promises she'll protect Rika.  Rika says she doesn't need ANYONE and storms away.

Rika is alone and again sees a strange shimmer pass by.  Rika chases it which turns out to be a bad idea!  She's grabbed from behind and is taken to a very cold digital field by a powerful, evil digimon.  He tries to convince Rika to be his partner.

The evil digimon says Rika's icy heart and strength makes her the perfect tamer to help make him stronge.  Rika becomes angry and tells the digimon that she will never agree to be his tamer.

Henry, Terriermon, Takato and Guilmon race to the digital field and identify the strange digimon as Icedevimon!

Guilmon and Terriermon run to battle Icedevimon but he quickly freezes them solid.  Takato and Henry try to chip them out and Henry tries to digi-modify with heat but it doesn't work.

Rika is scared that if she calls, Renamon won't come because of the things she said about not needing Renamon.  She finally does call Renamon who comes right away... but Icedevimon makes short work of her too!

Once again, we see Calumon peeking but he doesn't seem to do anything -- could it be that Calumon's appearance before a Digivolution is important?

Rika worries about Renamon and blurts out that Renamon is her friend.  Right away Renamon digivolves to Kyubimon.

Henry digi-modifies Terriermon with Expand and breaks Guilmon and Terriermon out of the ice.  Between Kyubimon and Guilmon (and a couple of Digi-Modifies -- Speed and Hyper Wing) Icedevimon is defeated.  But the happy ending doesn't last long.  Rika says she hates all digimon and Kyubimon and her go their separate ways again.


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