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Much Ado About Musyamon (Episode 11)

A strange fog spread through an intersection near the West Gate bridge.  Terriermon feels the presence of a digital field and wishes to fight the wild digimon about to come out.  But Henry doesn't allow it.  


The digital field is forceful and we flash over to Hypno.  Yamaki releases a "yuggoth" -- a program meant to destroy digimon even though the other members of Hypno say it's dangerous.  The yuggoth causes the digimon in the digital field to disappear.  We hear a strange voice say, "I will have my revenge."

Terriermon watches the disappearing digital field feeling useless and wishing Henry would allow him to do something.

We find Rika sad and wishing she'd never met the digimon.  Calumon appears and tries to cheer Rika up.

Renamon appears to Henry who follows her.  We flash back to Henry who is thinking that he doesn't want Terriermon to fight because he doesn't risk him getting hurt.  Renamon and Henry discuss what the purpose of the digimon and tamers might be.

The next day the digital fog appears again.  The Hypno team tracks the wild digimon and again releases the Yuggoth.  But this time the wild digimon destroys the Yuggoth!  

The digimon says it will enjoy its revenge on the humans and it bio-emerges -- it's Musyamon!

Takato and Guilmon sense the fog and rush to the scene.  They get there in time to battle Musyamon.  Takato uses digi-modify (Hyper Sonic, Mega Pyro Sphere and Hyper Wing), but Musyamon beats him up and Guilmon ends up flying around with his Hyper Wing and can't get down.

Terriermon and Henry arrive.  Henry battles within himself trying to figure out if it's right to fight.  Musyamon is about to attack a small child and Henry finally lets Terriermon fight.

Henry modifies Terriermon with Hyper Sonic.  Once again Calumon appears with his glowing red forhead triangle and Terriermon suddenly evolves to Gargomon!   Calumon definitely has something to do with digivolution.

Gargomon uses gargo laser on Musyamon and finishes him off.  Henry apologizes and agrees that sometimes a digimon must fight.  He promises to work on becoming a better tamer.



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