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Digimon, Digimon Everywhere (Episode 2)

Takato finds out Guilmon is friendly and decides to take him home.  Takato isn't allowed to have "pets" so hides Guilmon in a box (a BIG box).

They manage to get up into Takato's room without his parents becoming too suspicious.  Takato introduces himself as Takato, the Digimon Tamer, but Guilmon keeps calling him Takatomon

Once again, we flash to the strange government agents who are tracking digimon.  A new digimon has arrived on the scene.  It's Goblimon.  Rika and Renamon attack Goblimon and destroy him.

The next day Takato has to go to school.  He tells his friends about Guilmon, but no one believes him (the tease him horribly).

Takato has to find a new hiding place for Guilmon as Takato's parents are suspicious that he might have a "pet" -- boy would Takato be in trouble if his mom found out what his pet really was!  Takata makes a nest of boxes for Guilmon and gives him some food.

Guilmon quickly runs out of snacks and decides to head to school to try to find "Takatomon".  He doesn't want to disobey Takato, so keeps the box on top of him as he wanders around the school.  

Eventually, Guilmon bumps into the principal who demands he remove the box and get back to class. Guilmon finally agrees to take of the box and the principal (not surprisingly) freaks out!  He sounds the alarm and Takato runs off to find his missing digimon.

What's this!?  Another kid with a digimon?  In his search, Takato is surprised to bump into another kid (Henry) who has Terriermon with him.  But Takato can't stop to find out more, he has to find Guilmon.

Takato finally finds his friend at the top of the twin towers.  He decides to find a better spot for Guilmon to stay while he's in school.  While he's searching, they bump into Rika and Renamon (or should I say, Renamon bumps into them).  Rika challenges Takato to a fight -- she doesn't seem like she's going to show any mercy...


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