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(Thanks to John for this summary!)

(Episode 4)

Rika had declared battle with Takato.  Although Henry tried, he could not stop them.  Then, Terriermon jumped in, and evolved into Gargomon after taking an attack. 

Gargomon lost all sense and went on a rampage with his Bunny Pummel.  Henry lost control over him, as he pointed his cannon right at Rika's face.  Then, Guilmon dashed up and hit Gargomon, saving Rika. 

Henry remained calm, even though he and the others were nearly killed. Henry had always forbidden Terriermon to digivolve, unlike Takato who yearned to see Guilmon evolve.  Henry forbid evolution because of a past incident, which he could never forget no matter how hard he tried. 

Now, even Takato was beginning to fear evolution and wondered what kind of digimon Guilmon would become. 

Henry, Takato, and Terriermon went home from school together, the next day.  A deep fog was building up.  Henry had a feeling a digimon was going to appear soon, and ran away so he wouldn't be involved. But the dark fog followed Henry and Takato. 

The digimon appeared, and cornered Henry.  It was Gorillamon! Terriermon and Henry knew Gorillamon from before -- he was the one that had left so bitter memories in Henry's heart. 

Gorillamon attacked mercilessly. Takato knew Guilmon would be hurt if he didn't evolve but Terriermon's evolution went so badly, Takato was afraid to make him do it. 

Can they overcome this crisis?  And what was the incident between Henry and Gorillamon Now, the secret of Terriermon's birth is clear!


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