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(Thanks to John for this summary!)

Partner, Where Art Thou?
(Episode 6)

Guilmon fights Vilemon (who had appeared at the end of Episode 5).  Guilmon almost loses, but Renamon steps in at the end and helps him defeat Vilemon.

Impmon arrives on the scene with some nasty words about how useless humans are.  

Even though Rika was helpful, Takato just can't agree with her that digimon are nothing but tools to be used.   Takato tries to convince Rika that they're living creatures too, but Rika won't listen.  Rika is frustrated that Guilmon seems nearly as strong as Renamon even though Takato is new and friendly with his digimon.

Later, while fighting Dokugamon, Renamon was badly injured protecting Rika.  It's clear to us that Renamon thinks of Rika as her friend and partner even if the sentiment isn't returned. 

Seeing Renamon's loyalty was enough to set off Rika's digivice.  Renamon digivolves to Kyuubimon and gets rid of Dokugamon.



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