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Now You See Me, Now You Don't
(Episode 7)

Renamon risks herself to protect Rika against this strange new digimon and Rika starts to have real feelings for her digimon partner.

Now that Rika and Renamon begin to understand each other, Renamon is finally able to evolve into Kyubimon. 

Takato and Guilmon set out to find Rika and talk with her.  He finds her at the two are able to chat at her house.  Henry and Rika both tell Takato that digimon don't belong in this world -- they're just data.

Takato hated to hear what they said and tried to ignore it. But a short while later, Guilmon suddenly begins to dissolve and Takato is fearful. 

Takato panics and goes to Henry and Rika.  The three tamers go in search of Guilmon and find a portal into a strange dimension. Inside, they find that they are floating. 

Takato spots Guilmon, and gets to him just in time. 


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