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A Question of Trust 
(Episode 8)

Just like in the first episode, Takato again sketched out a digimon.  

This time he imagines Guilmon's Champion form -- Growlmon.  He draws a really big dinosaur digimon with two horns on his head. 

Takato becomes worried when he hears about something scaring people in the park.  Hopefully it wasn't Guilmon!  Takato is relieved when he hears the person scaring people is a child but he becomes nervous again when he realizes that with everyone out looking for this person, Guilmon might be caught!

That night Takato, slips past the teachers and the patrolling policemen and ran through the city. 

Impmon appears and talks with Guilmon -- a digimon with a name like Impmon is likely to start trouble!   Impmon leaves Guilmon and later spots Devidramon in a fog shield.   Impmon accidentally releases him. 

Devidramon is now on the loose!  Guilmon meets up with Takato and the battle begins.  Devidramon pins Guilmon against the wall.  It seems as if all hope is lost until Takato's D-arc begins to glow and Guilmon is able to evolve into Growlmon! 

Can Growlmon defeat Devidramon?  Why is a mysterious organization watching the battle? 


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