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Not as Seen on TV
(Episode 9)

Takato can't figure out how to get Growlmon to de-digivolve back to Guilmon!  They try messing with the digivice, exercising, skipping rope, jumping in cold water and even making a wish.  Nothing seems to work -- this isn't as easy as it looks on TV!

Takato leaves Growlmon in the park to sleep for the night hoping everything will be better the next morning.  On his way back home he runs into Jerry and asks her for help.  Jerry is shocked that Takato would ask HER, but she agrees to try.  Jerry misunderstands Takato and thinks he has a crush on her.  Girls!

Takato tracks down Henry who suggests they put Growlmon back in the tunnel where he disappeared once before.  Henry reassures Takato that Growlmon won't disappear again.  Henry and Takato leave and Growlmon settles down to sleep.

He doesn't get much rest, though!  Impmon shows up and harasses Growlmon, chasing him out of the tunnel.

The next morning Takato goes to the tunnel with some bread for Growlmon.  But Growlmon isn't there!  Henry sends Terriermon off to look for him.  Terriermon finally finds Growlmon asleep in the playground with a bunch of kids playing on him -- they don't realize he's a real digimon.

Terriermon runs back to tell Henry and Takato.  They make it to the park and find Growlmon hiding in the bushes.

They decide they can't hide Growlmon  in the tunnel since Impmon will likely just chase him off again.  So, they paint Growlmon camouflage colors so he can stay hidden in the park.  Rika shows up with Renamon who quickly finds Growlmon with her glowing eyes.  Rika and Renamon walk away in their normal angry way.

It begins to rain and the paint starts to wash off Growlmon.  Takato begins to cry because he feels that everything he does as a Tamer goes wrong.  The rain stops and a rainbow appears.  Growlmon stares at the rainbow and begins to glow.  Flecks of light fly off Growlmon up to the rainbow and he finally turns back to Guilmon.

... are they going to have to find a rainbow every time?!


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