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Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Attacks  

Moon Tiara Magic:

Sailor Moon's first attack.  Her tiara turns into a disc she throws at her enemies.

Moon Tiara Stardust:  

This was used in the first season.  Sailor Moon used her tiara and "stardust" to turn possessed children back into humans.

Moon Healing Activation:  

Sailor Moon uses her Crescent Moon Wand to heal a youma (person possessed by the dark forces) back to its human form.   She holds the wand to her face then white mist-like energy emerges from it, motioning a circle. The energy from the wand heals the youma.

Cosmic Moon Power:

This activates the Silver Imperium Crystal in the Crescent Moon Wand. 

Moon Scepter Elimination 

Sailor Moon holds up the Moon Rod and spins around once. She then raises the Rod above her head and the tip glows. She spins again as she waves the scepter and shoots a stream of energy at the enemy.

Moon Spiral Heart Attack:  

Sailor Moon uses the Spiral Heart Moon Rod in this attack.  She spins the rod baton-style and hearts shoot from the rod. The hearts engulfs the enemy, and they merge into a big heart, destroying the enemy.

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache:  

Super Sailor Moon uses the Spiral Heart Moon Rod for this attack.   Similar to the Heart Attack, but the hearts are replaced by rainbows.

Double Sailor Moon Kick:

A flying kick executed by Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon together.

Moon Gorgeous Meditation:  

Super Sailor Moon uses the Moon Kaleidoscope for this attack.  Hundreds of light shards hit the enemy to destroy it.

Moon Crisis Power!

A joint attack between Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Moon.

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss:  

This is Eternal Sailor Moon's Attack to turn the sailors back into their human forms.

Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss:  

Sailor Moon attacks using the Moon Power Tier.  She raises it, feathers fly around and a yellow light comes from the tier. The light either heals or destroys the enemy.

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