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About Sailor Neptune

Basic Info:

  • American Name:  Michelle
  • Japanese Name:  Kaiou Michiru
  • Birthday:  March 6th


sailor neptune


Other Info

  • Astrological Sign:  Pisces
  • Favorite Color:  Marine Blue
  • Favorite Gemstone:  Aquamarine
  • Hobbies:  Violin, Painting, Swimming
  • Favorite Food:  Sashimi
  • Least Favorite Food:  Kikurage
  • Favorite Subject:  Music
  • Worst Subject:  None
  • Strengths:  Smart
  • Weakness:  Very Competitive
  • Greatest Dream:  To be a Violinist


  • Neptune Planet Power Make-Up:  Michelle says this to transform into Sailor Neptune (she has a special Planet Neptune stick).  When she says the phrase, a ring of water forms on the floor around her.  It explodes upward and Sailor Neptune ends up standing in a column of water.  She does the typical sailor spinning and posing as she transforms.


  • Deep Submerge:  Sailor Neptune creates a wave of water, which she gathers into a blue ball. She throws the ball of water energy at the bad guy.
  • Submarine Reflection:  Sailor Neptune uses her talisman, the Deep Aqua Mirror, for this attack. She finds an enemy's weakness with lights from the mirror and damages her opponent.


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