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About Sailor Uranus

Basic Info:

  • American Name:  Amara
  • Japanese Name:  Ten'ou Haruka 
  • Birthday:  January 27, 1978 


sailor uranus information

Other Info

  • Astrological sign:  Aquarius 
  • Favorite color:  Gold 
  • Favorite Gem Stone:  amber 
  • Hobby:  Driving
  • Favorite food:  Salads 
  • Least favorite food:  fermented soybeans
  • Favorite subject:  Phys. Ed.
  • Worst subject:  modern Japanese 
  • Strong point:  racing 
  • Dream:  to be a racer 


  • Uranus Planet Power Make-Up:  Amara says this phrase as she holds up the Planet Uranus stick.  A ring of amber light forms on the floor beneath her.  Bolts of energy shoot up from it as she transforms.  


  • World Shaking:  Sailor Uranus holds her fist straight up into the air.  It glows with amber energy.  She slams her fist hard into the ground which causes it to ripple.  The enemy is hit with something like an earth quake.
  • Space Sword Blaster:  Sailor Uranus uses her talisman, the Space Sword, for this attack. She uses her sword to summon some energy, then slashes it downward to attack the enemy.



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