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Do you enjoy drawing or making cartoons?  Ever wonder what it might be like to draw cartoons for a living? Thanks to Bart for sharing this article about his experience drawing a cartoon strip.

What it’s like to Draw Cartoons and Comic Strips
Bart Pedersen
Cartoonist, BennyandBoone.com

I am a cartoonist who enjoys drawing an online comic strip called Benny and Boone.  It is a family rated web comic featuring Benny, a mischievous little grizzly bear and his older brother, Boone.

When my children were younger I read the Sunday comics to them and added the cartoon voices to the characters, for extra effect.  We would share a good laugh together. When I was young, I liked to read funny comic books and create my own comic book characters.

Some things never change!

Drawing, colouring and being creative has always been a fun, relaxing outlet for me.  In many ways the comic strip is for my own amusement but it is also rewarding when I hear that someone has enjoyed my comics and cartoons.

Writing is a very important part in creating a comic strip.  The character’s unique personalities interacting with each other and funny situations from life usually help generate ideas.

One drawing technique I use is to sketch out the story line, working out character placement, expressions and movement.  The pencil or pen work is refined and scanned into the computer.  A digital pen is used for tracing and the comic is colored using Adobe Photoshop.  When I am happy with the comic it is saved as a jpeg, brought into FrontPage and posted on my website to be shared.

It is a fun hobby creating and posting an online comic strip with only one, self imposed demand of updating the comic strip often to keep fresh content for visitors to enjoy.

Thanks to dltk-kids.com for allowing me to share.



June, 2008