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Grass Seed Caterpillar

Grass Seed Caterpillar: Caterpillar

This grass seed craft is a very fun craft that creates an adorable caterpillar! The neat idea about this craft is that you can watch the grass grow before your very own eyes! Literally, one day there was no grass in any of the egg carton cups and the next days each cup had several sprouts and some of them were almost 2cm tall! If you are making this craft in a household with cats you might want to be careful where you leave your caterpillar because the grass can make quite a nice cat-erpillar snack!

Grass Seed Caterpillar: Supplies

The materials needed for this craft are relatively common aside from the grass seed of course! My family keeps all of our egg cartons once we finish the eggs so we always have the materials laying around, but if you aren’t major craft makers like we are you can always keep this craft in mind for when you do have an empty egg carton laying around! The nice thing about this craft is that it only uses half an egg carton so you will have an extra half which can be used to make another craft like the Egg Carton Dragon Craft! When I chose my paint color for this craft I tried to chose a color that wouldn’t blend in too much with the grass. This craft gives you a fair bit of creative freedom because you can paint your caterpillar whatever colour you want!

Grass Seed Caterpillar: Camouflage Caterpillar

Planting the grass seed can be a relatively messy process so I suggest that you put some newspaper down around the area that you are planting the grass seed. When you are watering the seed make sure not to use too much water; when I first planted the seed, I over watered it so I had to replant it. To control the amount of water I put on the seed I used a syringe and the grass seed grew much better! After a couple weeks my grass had grown so long that I had to give it a hair cut, which is a really fun process but once again very messy. All in all, this craft is extremely fun because you get to maintain it for a long time; if you are doing this with young kids it might also teach them a bit about responsibility!

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