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Back to School: Pencil Case

This has been my first week back at school after the summer and I have to say everything went really smoothly! I spent a good amount of time organizing all of my binders and notebooks during the last week of summer so that I can keep a calm head when the school year really gets started.

Back to School: Study Cards

When I am organizing my school work I try really hard to set up a system that will make studying easier in the future; that’s why it is important to set up a good note taking and reviewing system! I like to have a separate notebook for all of the classes that tend to involve a significant amount of note taking, like: science, math, language arts, and social studies. Every night or two I try my best to review my notes. If I am reviewing every night I usually only need 30 minutes, but if I choose to review every couple of nights I leave myself at least an hour! I find that with good study and homework techniques I earn much better grades!

Back to School: Notebooks

Even though I am going into grade 11 I find that what I found useful during grade 5 or 6, in terms of organization, is still useful in high school! When organizing my school work during the last week of summer I always try to remember that some of my teachers might have certain ways they would prefer me to organize my work. So I usually end up changing my idea just a little bit after the first week or two of school every year. Organizing for school is an important process if you want to see good results, and I find that taking the time to set up a good system is definitely worthwhile!

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