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Chinese New Years

Chinese New Year is celebrated on a different day each year because it is based on the Lunar year. And each year is named after an animal based on a 12 year cycle. In 2014, the year of the horse, it will be celebrated on January 31. People born in the same year are considered to have similar traits. There are plenty of cute crafts on the website, some of which are displayed below, that your kids will have a blast making in celebration of this interesting and unique holiday! Chinese New Year isn’t happening until over a week from today but I thought I would make the post a bit early to give everyone a chance to make crafts in the days prior to the special day! There is also another link below for anyone who wants to learn more about their Zodiac sign and what it means for them!

Chinese New Year Hat or Crown

Chinese New Year: Hat or Crown

This is an adorable and festive craft that is very fun to make! Children will have a blast with the tissue paper fluffing and pipe cleaner curling only to have an even better time wearing it around the house!

Chinese Dragon Paper Plate Puppet

Chinese New Year: Dragon Puppet

This is an adorable and colorful paper plate craft that gives children some creativity and cutting practice! It uses many different materials that can be found in the house like egg cartons and paper plates.

3D China Doll Paper Model

Chinese New Year: Paper Doll

This is a cute and festive girl paper doll that is relatively easy for such an intricate idea. All in all it is a very fun craft to make!

Zodiac Calender Wreath

Chinese New Year: Zodiac Calender Wreath

This wreath is very simple to make and will give children a chance to learn about the zodiac calender! It might even give them an interest in their own zodiac sign and encourage them to do a little bit of research on the zodiac signs of themselves, friends, or relatives.

Information On Chinese Zodiac on DLTK’s Crafts for Kids


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