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Erec Rex
The Dragon's Eye

Author:  Kaza Kingsley

Book 1 of the series.
(Also see reviews for book 2 and book 3)

Review by Kaitlyn (Age 11) - spelling mistakes and all *grin*
Rating:  5 out of 5 

Kaitlyn's Review:

I thought the book was really good.  The story made sense and it felt like it could really happen.  The contests were good.  I am studying greece in school this year so it was neat to read a modern story with some greek creatures in it.

I would totally recommend reading this book because I think you will enjoy it.  Even my mom liked it.

I give this book 5 stars out of 5 because it is really funny and full of great characters.

Questions Kaitlyn Answered Before Reading the Book:

Is this a book you are excited to read?   

Yes, because I am very into fantasy books.

How did you hear about the book:

  • Recommended by a friend,
  • Recommended by family,
  • Found it in the library,
  • Other _____________________?

Questions Kaitlyn Answered After Reading the Book:

Was the book as good as you thought it would be?

Yes.  It was even better.  Sometimes the books my mom likes are too hard for me to read.  This one was perfect.  I especially liked that the author encorporated suspense and comedy in the same book.

My favourite character was Aoquesth because:

He was very knowledgable and giving.

Would you talk with your friends about it?

Yes.  Some of my friends are reading it right now because I talked about it so much.

Did you learn anything from it?

That you need to be confident in yourself or everything will fall down on you.

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