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The Last Loon

Author:  Rebecca Upjohn

Review by Kaitlyn -- with a few notes about what mom (Leanne) thought.

Rating:  5 out of 5 

Age 8+ 
Suitable as a first chapter book, but an enjoyable read for older children too.
Check out the sneak peek of the first two chapters of the book!

Kaitlyn's Review:

Oh my goodness I really love this book!  It was very intriguing and I thought that the author managed to incorporate lots of information about wildlife, that certainly sparked my thoughts on environmental challenges, while still creating an excellent story.  I also really enjoyed reading about the developing friendship of Evan and Cedar; I thought that the way they became friends and the challenges they overcame together were magnificent.

I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.  I thought it was very interesting and I really enjoyed the story line.  It really brought forth some ideas about the environment that I had not thought about before.  I also enjoyed how the author managed to make such clean transitions between chapters, and how she managed to incorporate the thoughts and feelings of each character even if each character's thoughts were not exhibited directly.  I certainly feel that it would suit younger kids and would also be very interesting for older children.  My mom read it too and just like me, she really enjoyed it.  I really enjoyed reading how the author included ideas about Canada but made it interesting for people not from Canada too.

Questions Kaitlyn Answered Before Reading the Book:

Is this a book you are excited to read?   

Yes!  This book seems very interesting and I am really looking forward to reading, especially because it is about wildlife and the environment.

How did you hear about the book:

Questions Kaitlyn Answered After Reading the Book:

Was the book as good as you thought it would be?

Yes, the book was really good and I thought that it was awesome how the author managed to incorporate so many things like wildlife, friendship and family.

My favourite character was Cedar because:

He really demonstrated what it meant to be a true friend.  He was cool and funny -- I would like to meet someone friendly like him if I had to move to a new place.  He was very excited when Evan came and right away he made him feel welcome. Cedar showed an impressive amount of courage and kindness during the story.

Would you talk with your friends about it?

Yes I would because I think my friends, like myself, would be very interested in the bravery of all the characters.  My friends would also enjoy how the setting of the story was in Canada; it is always interesting to read a book that takes place in your country.

Did you learn anything from it?

I learned lots of things about animals and wildlife in Canada.  I especially learned a lot about loons that I hadn't known before like the fact that they are clumsy on land and very elegant and graceful in the water.  I also learned that they can't take flight if they do not have at least 150 meters of water.

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