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DVD's as educational tools.

This article was written by the author of Homeschooling For Success, Elizabeth Kanna.

Like many homeschooling families, my husband and I feel that there is never enough time to help our children learn as much we would like.  Until I discovered how TV could change our lives! Yes, TV! Not the Joe Millionaire kind of television (we actually don’t have cable so we don’t watch television) but by using a program that turned our television into a superior learning tool.  I discovered an incredible program that has helped my children get really excited about history, master challenging math skills, learn geography and help my husband and me find more time to homeschool our girls in the midst of our busy lives.

We have become DVD Homeschoolers!  The program that I discovered allows you to order several incredible educational movies that you can’t find anywhere else, receive them by regular mail, keep them as long as you want and then return them by just dropping them in your mailbox. But here is the best part: the program sends you FREE Learning Guides via email for many of the movies you rent. The Learning Guides are fantastic. We have watched some of best IMAX and Discovery Channel movies and then expanded our children’s learning by using the Learning Guide before and after watching the movie. My ten year-old’s recent passion for softball led us to rent In a League of Their Own.  The Learning Guide that was sent with the movie was packed with incredible web links on the life stories of the women the movie was based on, thought provoking questions and vocabulary exercises. My daughter learned a lot about WWII, The All American Girls Baseball League and women’s rights—which lead to some great conversations in our house! Our 13 year-old has become somewhat of a JFK historian (no kidding) after watching some great titles from this program and using The Learning Guides on JFK, which are actually like a complete unit study.

For the cost of two or three rentals from your neighborhood Blockbuster you can rent quality titles from A&E, IMAX, Discovery, BBC, PBS and other studios and receive the well-researched, easy-to-use Learning Guides. Join my family and turn your TV into a superior learning tool too by browsing through the library of DVD movies at Mentura.