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Get Ready to Read

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Get Ready to Read 

By Arlene Richards

Columbia University did a study on kids and reading.  They found that, "Kids who grow up in an organized and calm home are more likely to have good early reading skills at ages 5 and 6.  Having set mealtimes and bedtime, making clear chore assignments, using a family calendar, and keeping the TV off during dinner, can all promote early reading ability."

When kids know what to expect on a daily basis they will soon become familiar with the schedule and will want to follow a set routine.  There will be less complaining if everyone is given chores or assignments, and exceptions to the rules are never or rarely allowed.

Dinner time should be a happy time.  As often as possible the whole family should gather around the table to eat and share daily events.  Therefore, the TV should be turned off and the focus should be on eating and not on a favorite TV show.

Children learn by example.  When they see mother or father reading the newspaper, a magazine, or any kind of reading material, they will begin to fill the importance of being able to read. Children who are read to are more inclined to want to read.  Parents should read to their little ones daily. Bedtime is a good time to relax and end the day reading your child's favorite story as he/she falls asleep.

Everyone will benefit when the home is organized and calm.

Awww...the joys of reading!

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August, 2010