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The Kindness of a Child

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The Kindness of a Child

By Mary Taylor

With a gentle touch one little girl reaches out to comfort another.  Her spontaneous reaction of kindness and affection speaks not to what she has been taught, but perhaps what she has not been taught.  She has not been taught to be afraid of someone who is different from herself.  She has not been taught to turn away from someone who is hurting.

My question is, will this same little girl have such a trusting, caring heart when she is a teenager? Will she still be willing to cross racial lines to offer unsolicited support? What about the child receiving the comfort? Will she be open to help someone she doesn't know or will she pull back in fear?

My guess is, it will depend upon their experiences in the formative years of their lives.  Will they find acceptance or rejection? Will they be taught to embrace all of humanity with open arms, or to cross their arms and walk away? Will they get a chance to meaningfully connect with a cross section of people, or will they stay isolated?

Little children start out with open arms and open hearts.  As parents, grandparents and other caretakers, we have the enormous responsibility to teach love and tolerance.  We do that by our actions as well as our words.  We do it consciously and with purpose.

Since all of us were little children, we too must have had that open, loving heart at one time.  Who or what taught us to feel the way we do today? How are we different now? Can we do better by our kids?

 Yours truly,

Mary Taylor &

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April, 2010