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Movie Review
Deep Sea

MPAA Rating: G

Deep sea is about how life in the ocean is much like life here on land.  The coral reef for example needs both the prey and the predators to help keep the balance as well as make the environment a better place to live in.  There are many amazing creatures down there and they all have a reason for being in the ocean.  There happens to be an exact time in the year where the coral will let out its eggs so that they can move miles and miles to create new life and start a brand new ecosystem.  The ecosystems in the ocean are dwindling due to humans (of course).  Deep-sea fishing, fishing, pollution due to boats and our man made resources have really made an impact on the sea life.  I found this really interesting and I really enjoyed all of the information.  Also if you like Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet than this movie would be good for you because they are the narrators.

I would rate this movie four out of five because I cannot express how amazing the movie was without you watching it.  It was so full of information and I was really surprised by how alien-like it is in the sea and by how many different species of creatures there are down there.  I really thought that the movie would be mostly about sharks and scary creatures (don’t get me wrong there was) but I realized that even though there are many things that would frighten people it was still very peaceful in the ocean.  The audience I would say would be from 5-100.  I would say that really anyone would like this movie (except for the little ones) and it is rated G so I would say that anyone could watch it.  If my opinion on the movie was one word it would have to be:  AMAZING.

Written by Tasha (age 13)

I thought the movie was fairly good.  I think it helps you to learn about sea creatures and how we need sharks and other predators to keep coral reefs in balance.

I would definitely recommend this movie to teachers who are teaching sea creatures to their classes.  Did you know that sea turtles go to the coral reefs to get their shells polished by little fish?

The movie tells you a bit about how if we keep killing sharks the eco systems in coral reefs will die.

Written by Kaitlyn (age 9)

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Deep Sea details:

Release Date: March 3, 2006 (IMAX)
Studio: Warner Bros.  Pictures
Director: Howard Hall
Not Available
Starring: Johnny Depp (narrator), Kate Winslet (narrator)
Genre: Documentary
MPAA Rating: G