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Movie Review
Evan Almighty

MPAA Rating:  PG (for mild rude humor and some peril)

Review by Tasha (Age 13) 
Rating:  3 out of 5 

Tasha's Review:

This movie is one of the funniest movies that I have seen.  I really enjoyed  how the directors and producers put so much humour into the movie.  Steve Carell does an excellent job in the movie and reminded me of Mr. Bean.  

I would totally recommend watching this movie because I think you will enjoy it.

I give this movie 3 stars out of 5 because it is once again really funny and full of great actors and animals.

Questions Tasha Answered Before Watching the Movie:

Is this a movie you are excited to see?   

Yes because I think it looks funny in the previews.

Would you prefer to see it:

  • in the theatre with your family,
  • in the theatre with your friends
  • on DvD?

Questions Tasha Answered After Watching the Movie:

Was the movie as good as you thought it would be?

I actually thought that it was better because everyone was talking about how bad it would be so I was surprised by how funny it was.

Would you talk with your friends about it?

Yes because I went to see this movie with my friends and we talked about it afterwards.

Did you learn anything from it?

I learned a little bit about the bible.

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Evan Almighty details:

Release Date:  June 22, 2007
Studio:  Universal Pictures
Director:  Tom Shadyac
Steve Oedekerk
Starring:  Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Lauren Graham, John Goodman, John Michael Higgins, Jimmy Bennett, Wanda Sykes, Jonah Hill
Genre: Comedy
MPAA Rating:  PG (for mild rude humor and some peril)