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Teaching Kids How to Cook

Want to try something new with your kids this summer?   Why not get them involved with making the family meals.   Amy has plenty of suggestions for all ages in her article.

(Reprinted with permission.  Thanks Amy!)

Teaching Kids How to Cook

by Amy Schamburek

Supervision is the key ingredient to cooking with kids.  All children develop cooking skills at different rates - having an adult introduce cooking skills that match their ability is essential.  Successful meal preparation by an adult and child is rewarding and strengthens relationships. Getting the entire family involved will build lasting relationships and great memories for years to come.

Children Ages 3-6 years:

Children Ages 6-8 years:

Children Ages 8- 10 years:

Children Ages 10-12 years:

Children Ages 13-16 years:

Each child develops differently and at different rates, use this as a guideline to help build great family chefs.  The rewards you will receive from family involvement will last you years to come. Most of our fondest memories center around food.  Your child will appreciate the time and dedication that you have invested in their well being.

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