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Together We are Canada!

© by Leanne Guenther

This is a cute poem about Canada that you can read to the kids or that the children can present in the form of a skit.  I wrote it awhile ago.

(For example:  It's nice for a Grade 4/5/6 class to do as a skit for a grade 1/2/3 class during an assembly).



Verse Additional Felt Board Ideas Additional Prop Ideas
My name is British Columbia
The jewel of the West Coast.
Forestry and fishing are
The things that I do most.
Fish coloring page

Tree coloring page

Make pretend fishing pole and axe out of paper towel roles, string, poster board and poster paint
Hi, I am Alberta
A wild west kind of place
With cows and oil and mountains
And lots of open space.
Cow coloring page Wear cowboy hats or hard hats.

Hold cow stuffed toys or bean bag animals.

I am Manitoba
And I’m Saskatchewan
We’re the golden prairies
Where fields of wheat grow in the sun.
Sunshine coloring page Wear sunglasses or hold sheaves of wheat.  Make a large sunshine from posterboard.
Hi, I am Ontario
The home of government
To me each year the leaders
Of our democracy are sent.
Canada Coat of Arms coloring page Make a large Canadian Flag or small flags for each person to wave.
Bonjour, I am Quebec
Here French is my language too
When I want to ask “how are you?”
I say, “comment allez vous?”
Make trefoils (see the Quebec Flag for what these look like) Make large trefoils from poster board (see the Quebec Flag for what these look like). 

Make a sign that says "Bonjour" on poster board.

Newfoundland, New Brunswick
And Nova Scotia -- those are we,
We are Atlantic Provinces
The three musketeers of the sea.
Fish 2 coloring page

Fish 3 coloring page

Lobster coloring page

Wear rain gear (jacket, boots, hat) to look like a fishing boat captain.

Hold fish or lobster stuffed or bean bag animals or make from poster board.

I’m Prince Edward Island
And I know I may be small
But without me all the rest of you
Would have no potatoes at all.

Potato coloring page 1

Potato coloring page 2

Potato coloring page 3

Have the smallest child(ren) represent PEI.  Hold a real potato or make from poster board.
The Yukon, Nunavut and North West
Territories are up north.
Through ice and cold and polar bears
Few brave souls venture forth.
Polar Bear coloring page Dress very warm (scarves, mits, hats, etc).

Hold polar bear stuffed or bean bag toy or make from poster board

Together we are Canada
One nation strong and free
With sharing, friends and happiness
Forever we will be!
Canada map coloring page Have everyone stand together with their props and recite this verse.


Print the poem only   or   print it with a Maple Leaf