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Cartoon  preview Cartoon  preview
Ankylosaurus  preview Ankylosaurus  preview
Apatosaurus  preview   ** NOTE 1 Apatosaurus  preview
Brachiosaurus  preview Brachiosaurus  preview
Brontosaurus  preview  ** NOTE 1 Brontosaurus  preview
Baryonx  preview Baryonx  preview
Iguanodon  preview Iguanodon  preview
Pterodactyl  preview Pterodactyl  preview
Pterodon  preview Pterodon  preview
Stegosaurus  preview Stegosaurus  preview
Triceratops  preview Triceratops  preview
Tyrannosaurus  preview Tyrannosaurus  preview
Velociraptor  preview Velociraptor  preview

** NOTE 1:  I realize the Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus are the same dinosaur  (the Apatosaurus is the current name for it).  But my daughter really wanted a Brontosaurus image so I added it as well.