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This calendar will use the Latin words for the months and Roman Numerals for that days of the month and for the year.

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Baseball   preview         Baseball   preview
Baseball Cap   preview         Baseball Cap   preview
Beehive   preview         Beehive   preview
Canoe   preview         Canoe   preview
Carrot   preview         Carrot   preview
Dragonfly   preview         Dragonfly   preview
Fisherman   preview         Fisherman   preview
Fisherman and Son   preview         Fisherman and Son   preview
Golf    preview         Golf    preview
Pail and Shovel   preview         Pail and Shovel   preview
Sailboat   preview         Sailboat   preview
Sand Castle   preview         Sand Castle   preview
Soccer   preview         Soccer   preview
Soccer Goalie   preview         Soccer Goalie   preview
Sun   preview         Sun   preview
Watermelon   preview         Watermelon   preview