DLTK's Custom Dominos

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A few viewers wrote to suggest that we make some themed dominos that they could print.  The next steps will allow you to pick a theme for your dominos and then choose color or black and white before allowing you to print a set of dominos.  I hope that your kids will enjoy them.

If you would like to make your dominos more durable you may want to:

Instructions for the game:

The dominos game on the site is smaller than a traditional dominos game (it's intended for young children though grownups usually enjoy playing it with the kids).  Anyone used to playing "regular" dominos (with 28 dominos) will find this game a lot easier/faster (which is intentional for the shorter attention span of young children).


  1. Shuffle/mix up dominos and place them all face down on the table.
  2. For a two player game, each player should draw 4 dominos at random, for a game with more players, each player should draw 3 dominos.  Don't let the other players see your dominos.
  3. The youngest player should go first by laying any domino on the table. In the typical game you'd lay a double (one with the same image in both squares, but this is optional in the easy version -- I find it a tough rule to explain to the little ones and usually results in my having to look at their cards)
  4. player two tries to lay a domino on the table with an image that matches what's already there. If you cannot go, pick a domino from the pile and miss your turn.
  5. continue taking turns laying dominos or picking from the pile until someone wins:

to win:

- get rid of all the dominos in your hand
- if no one can go, then the person with the least dominos in their hand is the winner

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