lego cake
Thanks to Joy for sharing a picture of the
lego cake she made for her grandson Jaiden.

DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Lego Birthday Cake

contributed by Suzanne

This is a very simple, yet effective, cake

Make a 9 x 13 (or 9 x 11) inch cake (whatever flavor or recipe you like)

Make 6 or 8 cupcakes (whatever flavor you like) or make a second 9 x 13 cake and use a biscuit cutter to cut out 6 circles.

Cut the tops off the cupcakes

Turn the 9 x 13 cake onto a serving board

Cover with yellow, red or blue icing (use food color paste to make the colors more vibrant)

put the cupcakes on top

Cover them with the same color icing.


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