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Decorated Canvas Shoes

Allow children to design their own shoes.  You can provide suggestions as to how they should decorate their shoes, but try to let them exercise their own creativity as much as possible (they'll love to wear their shoes if they are the artists!)

I tend not to make crafts that require the purchase of a lot of materials.  But I did break down and buy these pens when making a gift for Grandma Gloria (Groovy Grandma Apron).  We've since used them to decorate a BBQ apron for Uncle Darcy, little purses for the girls and cousins, Christmas napkins and now these shoes.  They are nowhere near 'used up' -- though I expect they may dry out within 6 months or so of purchase (I'm not sure).

decorate shoeYou can also decorate shirts, pillowcases (great sleepover party activity!), Halloween costumes and baseball caps.

Anyways, the cost of the markers is high if you are only using them for one craft but if you plan a few different activities (or do one project with a group of children), it ends up being quite reasonable.

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canvas shoes



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