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Black Culture and History

Black History Month was established in 1926.  Although there is an international aspect to Black History month, it is mainly an American holiday. In the 1970s, the celebration of Black culture and history was expanded to include the entire month of February.

dove crafts

Dove Crafts

preschool and kindergarten

A big thanks to Amelia for suggesting the Dove as a "universal" freedom and equality craft that can be used for a multitude of occasions.

black history month coloring page

Martin Luther King Jr. Coloring Pages and Posters


Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" Speech

Martin Luther King Jr Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Martin Luther King Junior Online Jigsaw Puzzles

martin luther king

Martin Luther King Junior Toilet Paper Roll Craft

preschool and kindergarten

including the text to the "I have a dream" speech

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Viewer Contributions:

Cori sent in a suggestion for an "I Have a Dream" collage as well as some other suggestions for Black History Month.

A big thanks to Lisa for sending in some info on African-American inventors:

And another big thanks to Theresa for sending in this info: