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Thanks to Blair for the following simple plan for a Blue's Clues party:

"I printed out the puzzle, covered in contact paper.  Used during the party as a placemat and sent home as a party  favor.  I instructed parents to cut at home so they would not loose pieces.  I also created a Mailbox, cut out flags and we played pin the flag on the mail box!  Kids loved it (age group2 1/2 to young 3's).  We also made blues clues playdough....regular playdough recipe, colored it blue and added blueberry jello for sweet smell.  Kids loved making it (each was given something to contribute, oldest daughter cooked and bagged it up with each child's name on it! )  This was an easy one hour party."

Jessica found another use for the large Blue's Clues cake templates:

"I used it as a pattern to trace out 2 faces in craft foam for Blue and Magenta decorations.  This was MUCH cheaper than buying "premade" decorations at the store, and now they are placed on my daughter's bedroom door as a decoration. "  (Photo)

Thanks to Sara for sharing her Blue's Clues party ideas:

"One year, we printed the picture of Blue from Blue's Clues onto iron-on paper, and then used simple canvas to make take-home bags for the guests at my daughter's party (the handles were blue and white checked ribbon).  I still have hers, along with the large Blue's Clues bouncy ball that was in it and the Blue's Clues cup that they all got to drink from. :) They were actually fairly inexpensive gifts, but they were a lot more useful than the usual trinkets that one might get from a party."