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Dora the Explorer Episodes:

I often tape episodes of the girls' favorite shows, label them and pull them out when doing a particular theme.  This is especially useful for birthday parties and may come in handy for teachers and daycare workers.  For example, if I'm having a fairy tale theme during the week, I might choose Episode #112 of Dora (a Little Red Ridinghood story) and show it.

I've added links to some of the sections on the site that I might use to go with the episodes.  They aren't Dora the Explorer crafts -- they're generic crafts that would go with the story.  For specific Dora the Explorer crafts, check out the Dora the Explorer Section of the site.

Episode #121:  El Coqui 

In this version of the famous Puerto Rican legend, Dora and Boots find a sad, homesick little coqui who's lost his voice.  Dora and Boots offer to take the litle frog home to his island so he can sing again.  To get to Coqui's Island, they have to make it past the Echo Bush, and cross the Ocean.
Suggestion:  Frog Crafts   various ages

Episode #122:  The Chocolate Tree 

Abuela tells Dora and Boots about a magical Chocolate Tree that lived near her house when she was a little girl.  Dora and Boots set off into the forest to find Abuela's tree.  They'll have to journey through a Jungle, and past a Bear's Cave.  When they reach the Tree, they'll find the Chocolate Tree has a special gift for Abuela.
Suggestion:  Autumn Tree Paper Craft (Age 2+)  -- adjust the leaves/decorations appropriately to make a chocolate tree.  Chocolate bar wrappers and Aluminum foil cut in the shape of leaves work great.

Episode #123:  Te Amo 

El Mago, a mean magician, casts a spell on King Popo and Queen Maria, turning them into mountains so they can never be together. Can our heroes break the spell? They'll have to fix a shattered Bridge, and find their way through a maze of Rocks.  Then they'll have to climb the mountains and call to each other, "Te Amo"!
Suggestion:  Magician M, King K, Princess P from the Alphabuddies paper crafts (look under the appropriate letter of the alphabet)  Age 2+

Episode #124:  Pablo's Flute 

When young Pablo loses his magic flute, a terrible drought hits his family's farm.  Dora and Boots find Pablo's flute and hurry off to return it to Pablo on his Mountain.  To get to Pablo's Mountain, first they'll have to go over the Windy Bridge, then through the Spooky Forest.
Suggestion:  I don't have a craft for this, but I can envision cutting a gift wrap roll down to size, covering in Aluminum foil and punching holes in it to make a pretend flute.

Episode #125:  To The Treehouse 

Dora and Boots keep running into friends in need of help.  Turns out the other animals are all headed to a big party at the Treehouse.  They beg Dora and Boots to come too.  To get to the Treehouse, Dora and Boots will have to cross Crocodile Lake, then go over the Stone Wall, and that's how they'll reach the party at the Treehouse.

Episode #126:  Call me Mr.  Riddles 

Boots is thrilled to hear the riddle contest today at the Tall Mountain.  Who can solve the silliest riddle? Boots is sure he can.  To get to the Tall Mountain, first Dora and Boots will have to solve the troll's riddle at the Troll Bridge, then play knock-knock at the Knock-Knock Door.  But when they finally reach the Tall Mountain, will they be able to solve the silliest riddle?
Suggestion:  Not that Spooky Riddle Coloring Pages