DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Paper Backpack Craft

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Thanks to Ilona for sending this in!!

Here's what she wrote:  I was looking on the Dora the Explorer part, and I thought of a craft I got somewhere that could be used perfectly here.  It's a little backpack, that could be used on birthday parties as a thank you-present.  I did it with my sons' 7th or 8 birthday (he will be 13 in October. ..*sigh*, where's time going..).  The original document is in Dutch, but I tried to translate it.  I hope you understand it!



  • Fold a piece of paper (purple construction paper is perfect) so that it closes in the middle of the backside.
  • Tape it.  Now you have a long bag.

  • Fold the second piece in two and cut in half to get two 'squarish' halves
  • From the first half, cut 2 strips of 1.5cm x 21 cm long for the handles.
  • Glue the handles on the back of the bag so they make 'arches' on the back (so you can tell they're handles)
  • Glue the second (still intact) half onto the top of the bag so it folds over as a flap.  Use scissors to round the edges of the flap.
  • Now you can fill it with a bag of potato-chips or a present.  Put a ribbon through the holes and carefully pull together. Close the flap and tape it with a piece of double-sided tape.
  • Optional:  Draw backpack a face with black marker


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