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Paper Strip Earth Globe Craft

paper strip planet earth craftcontributed by Leanne Guenther

This craft of the planet earth makes a cute decoration for Earth Day. You can tie a piece of ribbon to the brass fastener and hang it up or you can use it as part of a table centerpiece.

I have provided a map of earth template for you to print out, but you can also use an old map that you happen to have laying around -- Kaitlyn is talking about doing a neat project where she makes globes using recycled tourist maps from different places she's visited and hangs them around her bedroom! The one warning I have with this is that "folds" in the map will interfere with the craft so pick one without any folds.

I'm not a big fan of shopping for craft time ... I just like to use what we have laying around the house. Darren is an accountant with a pile of 1 inch brass fasteners in his office so we used those. 1/2 inch fasteners would work a bit better as they're lighter and won't squish the globe as much. Heavier paper stock would also stand up better - he usually has some for the printer, but today he didn't so we just used ordinary cheap printer paper. Slightly flatter planet earth, no big deal!


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