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Emoji Corner Bookmark

emoji corner bookmarkI love reading, so naturally I also love to make bookmarks! When I was younger I would make a different bookmark nearly every week; obviously I had to keep making new ones because my favourite colors and animals kept changing... *giggle*

I've only recently discovered this new way of creating corner bookmarks, using origami skills. I love how tidy and organized these bookmarks are. You can use multiple in a book if you are tryinging to keep track of things, they don't fall out of the book so there is no chance of you losing your page, and they are absolutely adorables, especially with an emoji theme!

corner bookmark instructionsWe have also made several template options that you can print in color or B&W and fold to create a corner bookmark! This is much easier in terms of scissor skills, so it is a great option for younger children.

Below are all of the instructions for making a corner bookmark from scratch and a variety of templates to suite an adorable Emoji theme.




Craft Templates:

Laughing Corner Bookmark   (color)  or   (B&W)

Goofy Corner Bookmark   (color)  or   (B&W)

Heart Eyes Corner Bookmark   (color)  or   (B&W)

Blowing a Kiss Corner Bookmark   (color)  or   (B&W)

Rainbow Poop Corner Bookmark   (color)  or   (B&W)


Printable version of these instructions